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We want to hear from you! Really. DFITpro is an exciting and new delivery method for oil & gas industry techology, so we would like to hear what you think about our cloud-based approach.

We also want to hear your suggestions. Since the project is in its infancy, it might be relatively easy to implement suggestions whether they refer to the user-interface or the DFIT design and analysis implementation, so please, let us hear from you.

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DFIT Analysis Services

  • David P Craig, PhD, PE
  • Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Robert Jackson
  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Why DFITpro

A new cloud-based approach to state-of-the-art design and analysis software.

  • DFIT Design and Analysis
  • NFIT Design and Analysis
  • Refracture-Candidiate RFIT Diagnostics
  • Production Modeling With DFIT Interpretations