Where Did March Go?

Well I’m not sure what happened, but apparently we skipped March in 2017. At least we did as far as programming is concerned. Sorry, but I got very busy analyzing production data for several Midland and Delaware basin operators. I was integrating DFIT analysis with multifractured horizontal well rate-transient analysis to determine the number of producing fractures and the fracture geometry along a lateral. It’s a process that I have been refining since 2012, and the methodology is slightly different than that found in Harmony RTA or KAPPA workflows. I will be presenting the topic at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference in Austin, Texas, 24-26 July 2017. The paper is URTeC 2695331 “Determining Fracture Geometry in a Multifractured Horizontal Well Using DFIT Interpretation, Intrawell Fracture-To-Fracture Interference, and Production History Matching.” If you find yourself in Austin, Texas, during July, please attend URTeC. I thought the 2016 program was very good, and I’m expecting the same or better during the 2017 conference.

DFITpro programming will resume at a slightly slower pace as I continue analyzing production data. I did, however, find a platform for creating somewhat interactive cloud-based scientific graphs. Probably the only downside to using a cloud-based approach is the interactivity between a user and the graphs is reduced because a user request must┬átravel to the server before the graphics can be rendered and returned to the user’s browser. Much of the early efforts will be spent trying to minimize the update latency, but it may never be eliminated, that is, it is a disadvantage of cloud-based computing. A hybrid approach with the graphics engine/software on a user’s device could improve interactivity, but it creates other issues with versions, hardware, updating, etc., which we are attempting to avoid by implementing cloud-based computing.

Please let us hear from you. As I noted, I will begin programming again, and registered users will get to test drive the software. But first I have to fix the registration software, which is very close to working. The process of registering a user requires an email being sent to the user, and the user will need to click on the link to be validated. As simple as it sounds, that is the part that isn’t working correctly. But it will, so hang tight and DFITpro.com will be open for interactivity soon.

Thank you!

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